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How to import your Sock account's secret phrase into another application
How to import your Sock account's secret phrase into another application

Using your Sock account's seed phrase, aka secrete phrase, in another application.

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Many crypto wallet applications, like Metamask, will allow users to import existing wallets into their products by using your 12 or 20 word secret phrase. While Sock allows you to store and backup your secret phrase, you cannot import your phrase into another app and expect to see your holdings there. Sock uses the secret phrase solely as a means of recovering and backing up your account with Sock.

Why isn't my Sock account portable?

Sock uses a blockchain feature called Account Abstraction, which requires some tradeoffs between usability and feature set with portability. While the "wallet" underlying your Sock account is not inherently portable to other apps, it does enable features like automated stop-loss and limit orders, gas-less transactions (no network fees), and advanced account recovery.

So what can I do?

Because Sock operates on Account Abstraction, we don't charge any network fees (gas) when transacting. If you'd like to use another app or want to move your tokens out of Sock into another crypto wallet, you can simply use the Send feature and move your money without being charged any fees. See how to use the Send feature here.

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