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How to delete your account
How to delete your account

Learn how to protect and transfer your funds before deleting your Sock account

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If for any reason you'd like to delete your account with Sock, you can do so easily in two quick steps.


  1. You should make sure that you've moved all of your tokens out of Sock, either by withdrawing your funds or sending them to another crypto wallet. Sock is not responsible for loss of funds.

  2. You should make sure that you have backed up your account and recovery phrase as documented here.

NOTE: Deleting your Sock account will not delete your crypto wallet. Your address and funds will be still be stored on the Arbitrum blockchain, but will not be accessible through Sock.

To delete your Sock account, do the following:

Step 1: You’ll head to PortfolioSettingsAccount

Step 2: Tap on Delete Account

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